On behalf of the family parish of St Sharbel Mission in Raleigh, I would like to thank the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, INC for their generous contribution of $116,666.67 awarded to St Sharbel Mission in support of building phase 1 of our church project in Morrisville. Beginning of 2017, there is a continued commitment from the Abraham Foundation of $116,666.67 annually for the next 2 years. The generous support of Abraham Foundation makes it possible for our Mission to exist and to make a dream of years coming true.

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to those who helped our Mission receive this generous contribution especially Rev. Elie Mikhael for initiating the contact with the Abraham Foundation.

I take this opportunity to encourage the donors and supporters of Saint Sharbel Mission to submit their pledges ASAP so we finalize our budget and Capital Campaign before the official breaking of grounds in September 2016.

Once again thank you Abraham Foundation!

Rev. Elias KHALIL