Dear Fellow Parishioners & Friends of St Sharbel,

Congratulations and THANK YOU for a beautiful weekend celebrating 20 years of the Maronite Catholic Community in Raleigh!  We were blessed and grateful to have Bishop Gregory, Father Joe, Father Sam, Deacon Benny and Deacon Chuck join us to celebrate this memorable occasion!  We had friends from Greensboro, Charlotte and beyond North Carolina to help us celebrate our Mission’s anniversary as well as witness the Confirmation of six young adults from our community while the Bishop blessed Baby Mendez as the newest member of St. Sharbel!

Additionally, we had a great start to re-launch our capital campaign efforts as the weekend kicked off with a special dinner commemorating 20 years in Raleigh.  The proceeds from the dinner and silent auction allowed us to deposit almost $5,000 into our Building account.

Over the weekend, we announced our goal to receive $200,000 in payments by existing and new pledges before December 31st as work is set to begin on the property soon.  We generated 27 new pledges for a total of $47,520 this weekend with pledges ranging from $10 to $10,000.  Two of our Mission’s youth made pledges of $10 and $50 respectively!   Almost $25,000 was deposited this week towards our goal of collecting $200,000 by the end of this year.

No matter how big or small, every pledge and contribution counts!  If you have made a pledge and have already paid, thank you!  If you have not made a pledge, please consider making a a 3 year pledge and look to contribute 33% by year end to help us achieve this next milestone.

The time is NOW!   This is a pivotal time in our history to help secure and grow the next 20 years and beyond for our children and grandchildren and for those that have yet to learn of St. Sharbel Church in the Triangle area!

Do not be afraid, we are building!  We are asking for everyone’s support to get involved!  We need you as the time is NOW!